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Canon PIXMA MG8170 TVC - Eric Kot & Melanie Z.

Eric: I love midnight! I love the sexy dark!\r
Eric: Who is it?\r
Model: Honey, may I use your printer?\r
Eric: Follow me!\r
Model: It's pitch-dark!\r
Model: Wow! Amazing!\r
Eric: It's the brand new Canon PIXMA MG8170. With a piano black design... Seamless Intelligent Touch System. Just follow the illuminated instructions and press! Perfect for printing both color and B\u0026W photos.\r
Eric: Come on, baby!\r
Eric: Alas, where is my printer?\r
PIXMA All-in-one Photo Printer\r
Delighting You Always\r

How to download and install Canon PIXMA MG8170 driver Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Website: Here you get the idea of How \rto download and install Canon PIXMA MG8170 driver Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Easy fix for Canon Pixma C000 Error

I had a customer bring in his favorite travel printer with an error he couldn't figure out. After trying everything Canon recommended under troubleshooting he brought it to me. I couldn't find anything online about other solutions to fixing this dreaded error but after taking the side panels of I figured out the problem.
The Pixma has a little plastic piece which locks the printhead in place for safe travel. Some how the printhead lock was stuck in the up position and the printhead was not in the cradle when this happened.
To fix this problem simply remove the right plastic panel with a small Flathead screwdriver which is held on by 5 plastic retaining points. Then press the printhead lock down and slide the printhead back into place. Voila, problem solved and the error is cleared.
So, remember, before you unplug the printer always press the power button and let it properly shutdown to avoid the C000 error.
Albert Cowles : My MX922 had 2 screws on the right rear side that needed to be removed. Also the C000 code can be caused by an ink problem such as low ink or clogged head in which case it will need to be removed and cleaned
Carlos Ruiz : Thank you! not only did you save me time but also saved the printer from polluting a landfill.
Elena dsouza : I am appreciative of your Video and look forward to your continuing to work on our account. Thank you for sharing such knowledgable information related to canon printers troubleshooting Number +1 877 301 0214.
Ted C : Great video/suggestion. I'd love to try it on my Pixma MG5620, but can't see how to get the side off. Suggestions, anyone?!
Tomislav Dubstep : My print head gets into the lock position but when my printer starts hes moving a little bit and then gets stuck while trying to reach the center of the printer. Can you help me with that? So lock position works but its not gettimg away from that position.




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